Day 25 – Brian’s Wonderful Wednesday

Brian on Day 25

Although it was a difficult start for Lloyd and Brian on Wednesday, it certainly improved as the day went on. Finding somewhere to park and assemble a Giant Snail, a seriously large Dougal and get Florence, Zebedee and Dylan dressed and ready for action is no easy feat in any city, but in Central London it is nigh impossible.

It is even worse when your parking place is a hefty distance from your starting point for the days crawl, and you have to drag a 3 metre long sledge with a snail on top for half a mile before you can even begin.

Once on the move, Brian enjoyed the fact that being beside the river there was a straight run with no curbs or roads to cross. He also began to realise that the previous 23 days of heaving along the route had resulted in his engine, Lloyd, becoming brawnier and a little faster, even if bits of him had begun to wear out.

Lloyd, for his part, had begun to appreciate the manhole covers and grills that occur on London’s streets, noticing that most of the pipes and tunnels he passed were illuminated and quite interesting from his unusual vantage point.

The vast majority of Brian’s visitors and company were runners, many of whom had started the London Marathon at the same time as Brian and were suitably impressed that someone should be still out on the course three weeks and more after they had finished.

A cross-section of society has always been attracted to the Magic Marathon and to Brian in particular, and both poles were represented on Wednesday. A man who felt it appropriate to explain to a dripping wet, sweat soaked Lloyd that most charities wasted the money raised, so he wasn’t going to give any, contrasted with another who had run 28 marathons and had raised a small fortune and had nothing but praise for the Giant Snail and his engine.

Thursday sees a later start for the last full day of crawling with Lloyd expecting to be on the crawl from about 2.00pm from just west of Embankment Station and finishing somewhere around Birdcage Walk ready for a sprint (relatively speaking) for the finish on Friday.

Open your wallets and open your hearts, this effort should be rewarded not just by praise but by hard cash, the man is a hero, no question. You can make a donation online by clicking here. And don’t forget you can also shop for Brian and raise money through your online shopping at no additional cost to you with Give as you Live™.

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