The Magic Marathon Continues

The marathon might be over for Brian and his friends but it certainly isn’t for Lloyd. This has been a roller-coaster of a week!

Lloyd was running on pure adrenalin towards the end of his crawl around the streets of London; it was by far the toughest of the marathons he has ever taken part in. When he finally crossed the line last Friday in the Mall, he celebrated with the kids from the charity, the Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and his family for a couple of hours before he rushed off to appear on The One Show. Lloyd’s supporters showed their thanks by giving him two giant snails for all his hard work. Continue reading

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Brian crosses the finish line

Brian crosses the finishing line

Click here to see more photos of Brian crossing the finish line

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Day 26 – The sound of Big Ben – at last!

Brian on Day 26

Almost there… and as Brian started his journey down the Embankment yesterday morning he was accosted by a group of French school children who were intrigued to meet a 9ft snail. After all it’s not really what any of us would expect to see on the streets of London so you can imagine their surprise!

It was very busy in London and Lloyd, who has now become an expert of the quality of the maintenance of our pavements, was not impressed to find that there is a need for a bit of TLC along the banks of the Thames. Continue reading

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Day 25 – Brian’s Wonderful Wednesday

Brian on Day 25

Although it was a difficult start for Lloyd and Brian on Wednesday, it certainly improved as the day went on. Finding somewhere to park and assemble a Giant Snail, a seriously large Dougal and get Florence, Zebedee and Dylan dressed and ready for action is no easy feat in any city, but in Central London it is nigh impossible.

It is even worse when your parking place is a hefty distance from your starting point for the days crawl, and you have to drag a 3 metre long sledge with a snail on top for half a mile before you can even begin. Continue reading

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Day 24 – Our Superhero’s Snailathon continues

Brian on Day 24

Another long hot day in the shell has left its mark on the Britain’s own superhero – Lloyd Scott.

Obviously a marathon in a snail costume is a learning experience as nobody has been foolish enough to try it before. The one thing that Lloyd has learnt is to never, never do it again. However fond he is of Brian, Florence, Zebedee, and Dylan, this will be his last Snailathon. Continue reading

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Day 23 – The Sun comes out for Brian

Brian on Day 23

After a great night’s sleep, courtesy of a thoughtful gesture from the Holiday Inn Express, Lloyd was raring to get Brian on his back and start The Magic Marathon’s 23rd mile. His mood was lifted even further when he met Liz and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme volunteers. Their cheerful and supportive attitude made them wonderful company for a day’s crawling and fundraising. In Lloyd’s words “Good fun, hardworking and all-round top crowd, a fantastic advert for today’s young people”. Continue reading

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Day 22 – Dodging the doggie-do

Brian on Day 22

As Brian continues his epic Magic Marathon through the streets of Poplar, nobody could have predicted that Lloyd Scott would have had to endure the warmest spring in over 100 years with temperatures reaching Mediterranean levels. After a couple of showers sent the humidity shooting up, yesterday Lloyd was back dealing with a different nuisance – dust. Continue reading

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Day 21 – Hitting the Wall

Brian on Day 21

Yesterday was mostly a good day for Lloyd; he started off the day on a high, when he met Samuel and his family. Samuel is one of the many hoping to benefit from the funds raised from The Magic Marathon. Meeting him really gave Lloyd the motivation to push through the rest of the day.

Most marathon runners will tell you that they have experienced “hitting the wall” around the 20 mile mark, and Lloyd is no exception. Continue reading

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Day 20 – Celebrity Support

Brian on Day 20

Lloyd has now completed 20 days of his Magic Marathon. With six days left to go, he is really feeling the strain on his body, but a special visitor today reminded him of how he is helping to transform people’s lives… It’s important to remember the reason why this giant snail is crawling the London Marathon; to raise money for a very special cause. Continue reading

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Day 19 – Shell-Shocked

Brian on Day 19

Yesterday Brian and his friends spent the entire day in Canary Wharf and had managed to crawl into Canada Square by lunchtime. Some of the young people that the charity supports were able to visit and support Brian in the square, where they enjoyed shaking collection buckets and meeting people as they came out of their offices at lunchtime. Continue reading

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